Earnest has been working in viral web content curation, creation, and trends research for more than 15 years. When not trying to figure out if it is still possible to become a professional wrestler, Earnest leads trends research for YouTube's Culture and Trends team.

Flowers: Chicken Noodle Soup (a personal reflection)


It’s 2006. You open YouTube in Firefox and see the Flash-based video player showing low-resolution footage of kids dancing to a song called Chicken Noodle Soup. It feels like that day’s bit of Internet fun. You have no idea that those few videos represent Black culture preparing to forever shift how the internet and music industry would co-exist. At least, I had no idea. Today we...

7 years of Doordash orders


I just realized you could download all of your data from Doordash, so I downloaded my ZIP file and created a wordcloud based on all the orders I’ve ever submitted. Not much surprising here! I love chicken and have been ordering chocolate cake once a week for years. If anything, I’m surprised to see salad occur with high frequency.

Is Everything Fandom?


As the things that traditionally bound us together have receded in our social lives and the internet is increasingly that social glue, have we allowed fandoms to replace institutions in our lives?

My favorite projects of 2023


I saw someone post on Bluesky asking people to bring to Bluesky the tradition of posting threads containing the year’s work that you were proud of. I’d never posted an end of year wrap-up thread before, and I’m not posting a bunch of links on Bluesky, but it did inspire me to take part in the tradition. So here we go! Mario – 100 billion views Released in April, this is a...

Experiencing: “Flowers” Premiere


Last night, we had the premiere for Flowers, the documentary series I’ve been working on for a year and a half. The series illustrates the impact Black creators have had on our culture, ensuring that the creators who have changed our culture get credit for their impact. Although the first episode launched at the end of September, we had the premiere this weekend to coincide with the launch...

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