Flowers: Chicken Noodle Soup (a personal reflection)


It’s 2006. You open YouTube in Firefox and see the Flash-based video player showing low-resolution footage of kids dancing to a song called Chicken Noodle Soup. It feels like that day’s bit of Internet fun. You have no idea that those few videos represent Black culture preparing to forever shift how the internet and music industry would co-exist. At least, I had no idea. Today we...

Experiencing: Pink’s Summer Carnival


On Thursday, Claire and I went to see Pink’s Summer Carnival concert at Sofi. I’m not the biggest Pink fan. I still think her first album is my favorite, and that wasn’t music that was reflective of her voice, which is what her subsequent work would become. That said, even without being the biggest fan of Pink’s later work, Pink puts on a great show. The Summer Carnival...

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